The Updated Decision on Brazil Traceability Timeline

SNCM and Expectations

The National Drug Control System (SNCM) collects data that can be questioned by authorized stakeholders in the supply chain such as manufacturers, warehouses, pharmacies, hospitals from the pharmaceutical supply chain in a central database. Sustainable pharmaceutical traceability depends on the harmony of supply chain stakeholders.

Meeting Expectations on Brazil Traceability Timeline

Serialization which is the first step of pharmaceutical traceability was requested by RDC 157/2017 within the GS1 standards. As it can be used in many industries, the ISS-100 Carton Serialization Station, which successfully performs serialization in the pharmaceutical industry, is one of the favorites of the field as it can serialize up to 400 cartons per minute. According to the needs of Brazil Traceability Timeline, it also performs DataMatrix coding by using printing technologies such as thermal inkjet, CIJ and laser. The 2D code printed on the carton is viewed with a high-speed industrial camera.

Line Management, Operations Management and Formal Notifications for Pharmaceutical Traceability

The software of VISIOTT Line Manager (Level 2), which provides the management of solutions such as ISS-100, SACP-100, SASCP-100 in production lines for pharmaceutical traceability, can perform real-time control and communication with many hardware.



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VISIOTT Traceability Solutions

VISIOTT Traceability Solutions


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