Pharmaceutical Traceability in Kazakhstan

Actions in Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical Labeling

Product labeling was included in the directives published by the State of Kazakhstan in September 2015, so labeling applications are not new for them. In November of the same year, the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan commissioned GS1 Kazakhstan to carry out the pharmaceutical traceability pilot project. After many successful tests, the Ministry of Health decided on 93 products for the first labeling application and gave the date as May 2022. However, the timeline was changed and announced as July 1, 2022! According to the latest announcement:

All-In-One Solutions for Pharmaceutical Traceability in Kazakhstan

Proving itself with the experience in traceability solutions and the benefits of this experience worldwide, VISIOTT also produces effective and efficient systems that comply with pharmaceutical labeling applications in Kazakhstan. VISIOTT, which has innovative solutions for cartons, unfolded cartons, vials, and bottles used in pharmaceutical packaging, also offers software solutions for line management and notifications. While managing your hardware with VISIOTT Line Manager (Level 2), you can store your data by assigning work orders to lines with VISIOTT Plant Manager (Level 3).



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VISIOTT Traceability Solutions

VISIOTT Traceability Solutions


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