Food Serialization Methodologies

food serialization

Let’s Understand Food Serialization

Serialization is defined as assigning a unique serial number to each product and implementing this number on the packaging with various methods. The most popular, economical, and sustainable implementation method is to apply a 2D code. The most successful way of applying this method is serialization as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Wet or damp packaging during the production
  • Glossy and wrinkled packaging material
  • High production rates
  • Lack of suitable printing area on the packaging
aseptic bottles
aseptic products in the markets

2D Code’s Data Structure

The useable data structure needed in the serialization process of a product is unlimited. However, this doesn’t mean that you can apply every data structure to every product. Because the structure that needs to be followed while serializing is often determined by the legislators of the market you are targeting. Legislators, on the other hand, usually use the data structure defined by the GS1 organization in their regulations.

  • 10 non-repeating numbers are applied to each tomato paste can with labels.
  • The unique GS1 Datamatrix label is applied to each tomato paste can by thermal transfer during the production phase.

2D Code Verification

If you want to make an effective and efficient food serialization, only applying GS1 Datamatrix on the packaging will not be enough. You also need to control whether the implemented code is correct within the standards. Because 2D codes are capable of containing large information in a small space of 10 x 10 mm. Verification ensures that 2D code can be easily resolved within the supply chain. Unverified products must be separated from the line, and if there is a low-frequency verification problem, the line must be stopped instead of the rejection operation.

Most Popular GS1 Datamatrix Application Methods for Food Industry

The food industry uses many packaging materials, taking into account the needs of target markets and consumer habits. Below, we tried to explain the technologies developed for the application of GS1 Datamatrix to the packaging briefly.


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