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Aseptic cartons are generally used for safe and long-lasting food in the food industry. Aseptic cartons serialization and aggregation are becoming crucial day by day in the supply chain, especially in the traceability projects of milk and dairy products.

Aseptic Carton (milk)

Our Experience

VISIOTT is the first company in the world that produce serialization and aggregation solutions for aseptic packaging lines. It designed its first system for serialization and aggregation of parenteral products packaged using an aseptic carton in 2014 and validated it to its customer. Through VISIOTT’s systems, parenteral products of all companies manufacturing in Turkey become traceable.

Serialization Operation

Aseptic cartons, which can be designed in many different shapes and sizes, are packages that are not easy for serialization. Tilt body, cover application, wet surface and pipette are important issues that need to be carefully studied in the design of the serialization project. The printing technology in which serialization is carried out varies according to the requirements of each market for aseptic cartons. Therefore, you should use printing technologies compatible with your production speed and printing surface in your serialization project. The serialization and aggregation system offered by VISIOTT for aseptic cartons supports TIJ, CIJ and Laser technologies.

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Aseptic Carton Serialization, Aseptic Carton Vision Inspection

Aggregation Operation

The aggregation of aseptic cartons is crucial for ensuring food traceability in the supply chain. In aseptic packaging lines, aggregation is carried out in automatic packaging systems. Labeling of cases and controlling of SSCC labels are essential for an efficient traceability process in the continuation of the aggregation operation, which must be designed without reducing line efficiency.

Integrated Design for Efficient Aseptic Packaging

Food manufacturers, who use aseptic carton packaging, also constantly monitor the total efficiency of the production line. Many stations that work synchronously with each other on production lines usually work integrated with the Line Controller. Aseptic carton serialization and aggregation solutions of VISIOTT are designed to work integrated with the line controller. Our systems can manage the serialization and aggregation operation according to the working status of the previous and next stations.

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