The Next Step After Serialization

What is Pharmaceutical Aggregation?
How Does It Work?

Aggregation in pharmaceutical industries is defined as the process of building parent-child hierarchies between different packaging levels of the pharmaceutical unique identifier products. For example, when a serialized carton (child) is placed in a case (parent), a packaging hierarchy is built. As more serialized cartons are placed inside the case, their serial numbers are aggregated and related with SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code). The SSCC is generated with the help of VISIOTT Traceability Software. The SSCC is printed on the label which is applied to the case. It contains information about all the cartons presents inside the case.

Why Aggregation?

Aggregation is a highly effective operation that saves time and resources when dealing with high quantities of products. Besides saving time and resources, it has many advantages as follows:

Serial Verification of Data

By scanning the code at various points through the pharma supply chain, the data can be verified with the predecessors. If there is any dissimilarity in the data, then the product has been compromised.

Faster and Efficient Recalls

If there are any concerns about some products then the products in question can be easily recalled. They can be efficiently returned without causing damage.

Decommissioning Multiple Units

If a pallet has been damaged but the information about the serial numbers has been already sent to the central database as commissioned serial numbers, then all the serial numbers in the damaged pallet can be decommissioned easily in bulk because there will be no need to decommission each serial number individually.

Increased Process Security

The pallets remain sealed until they arrive at their final destination. There is no need to open the pallet every time to check the products inside it. All the products can be known by just scanning the pallet SSCC label. As all the products remain inside the pallet, there is increased security of the process as none of the products will get misplaced, or lost.

Better Warehouse Management

It is easier to find the products. The product’s serial number can be tracked to the SSCC which will lead to the specific pallet or case or bundle where the product has been packaged.

Compliance with Regulations

Many authorities around the world require aggregation along with serialization.

Benefits of the VISIOTT Traceability Solutions

VISIOTT Traceability Solutions provides HIGH-QUALITY and COST-EFFECTIVE aggregation solutions. These are turnkey solutions that include software, hardware, and services. All the solutions are manufactured in ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities. VISIOTT offers an impressive portfolio of aggregation solutions for the case, bundle, and pallet.



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